Syracuse, good practices for a correct use of the territory the Blu Plemmirio protocol signed

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A brand to focus on best practices in the name of a correct tourist use of the territory.
It is called “Blu Plemmirio” and is the logo that encloses the network of companies participating in the project and which have identified the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area as a virtuous example of environmental sustainability.

The memorandum of understanding between the VerdeBlu Plemmirio Association and the Plemmirio Consortium signed this morning in the “Ferruzza-Romano” conference room, headquarters of the managing body of the Syracusan reserve, is composed of this and other salient points.

The vice president of Amp Plemmirio, Marco Mastriani, signed the protocol for the consortium and brought greetings from the president Patrizia Maiorca who strongly wanted the project.

“The Plemmirio Marine Protected Area – Mastriani began – confirms itself as a“ hub ”of good practices.
The object of this protocol is the enhancement of the natural, cultural heritage and the landscape and tourist resources of the Syracusan territory, through the best practices inspired by responsible tourism.
A virtuous path resulting from the training course aimed at subjects operating in the tourism sector, for the promotion of environmentally sustainable tourism activities in the reference area.
All this will be expressed in the creation of a network of tourist operators structured to use the “Bluplemmirio” logo, for the dissemination of sustainable tourism in the Syracusan area, by signing a “charter of values” and a regulation attributable to the institutive purposes of the marine area.
Defending and narrating the territory are our main battle, aware that many challenges still await us “.

Also present at the meeting was the municipal councilor Fabio Granata who emphasized the need to create a good synergy between public and private entities.
“This protocol – said Granata – represents a method, an evident model to follow.
We have a huge cultural and landscape “material” and putting in a “network” a formidable reality like the Plemmirio marine protected area means organizing a path, an “environmental journey” in which there is a planning to tell what is he sees, because it takes eyes to see and have cultural awareness.
From here, we start “.

Satisfaction with the result achieved and the signing of the protocol was also expressed by the consortium coordinator, Sabrina Zappalà, who thanked those present underlining the importance of creating “a local network made up of stakeholders and tour operators willing to change their company policy to a correct use of the territory, through the sharing of good practices aimed at environmental and cultural protection “.
“The protected marine area is everyone’s home – Zappalà found – the” Blu Plemmirio “logo will represent Ariadne’s thread, the link to work well and in the name of protecting the environment and the sea resource”.

The new president of VerdeBlu Plemmirio, Antonio Rudilosso, then took the floor and put his signature on the protocol.
“I took a tour on the web – he explained – and I saw that the first word searched for was Carrà, Raffaella Carrà.
The second, immediately after, was sustainability.
Thanks to the insights proposed by the marine area on this concept, simple and at the same time so complex, today we are more aware of how to manage tourism that is respectful of our territory.
The synergy between public and private could only offer new development opportunities “.

Also present at the meeting this morning was the director of VerdeBluplemmirio Giuseppe Napoli and all the tour operators who adhered to the deed of incorporation of the VerdeBlu Plemmirio association and therefore to the territorial marketing project initiated by Amp Plemmirio and aimed at promoting and encouraging the enhancement and the protection of the territory.

Ultimately, the project aims to spread a shared environmental culture and to develop an economy and tourism consistent with the objectives of protecting the places.
The most immediate declared objective is to make the concept of certified environmental quality central to the economic and social fabric of the province.

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