Syracuse, Gianmarco Lo Curzio (Pd): “The goal is a broad and cohesive center-left with a strong programmatic system”

Giving life to a broad and cohesive center-left with a strong programmatic system: this is the objective that must be pursued according to Gianmarco Lo Curzio of the city secretariat of the Pd of Syracuse.
“Now that finally the recomposition project of a center-left political area extended to the moderate forces of the country – he explains – seems to have found a wider interest, it is necessary to give a political and programmatic content.
In the recent past we have exposed some of our ideas in the local area and today many authoritative exponents of the majority and do not begin to show interest in some of our proposals.
To use a summary expression – he adds – let’s think of a “new vision of the Future” based on a process of collaboration, interdependence and connectivity that represents a sort of neo-socialism. Where the term freedom is combined with responsibility and participation, rather than with individualism, selfishness and personalism. We need a new mental and political attitude that goes beyond the old categories of confrontation ”.

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