Syracuse, gender rebalancing in addition: Baio (Pd) “A sign of sensitivity as well as respect for the law and the Statute”

Salvo Baio of the Democratic Party returns to deal with gender balance in the municipal council of Syracuse with a note that we publish in which in addition to urging the mayor of Italy in this direction, he teases the women of the party:
“To those who ask me how comrade Milena Contento became part of the board of directors of IAS, I answer that I do not know, even if a small suspicion, that it is not the antechamber of truth as the executioners used to say to the Pintacuda, it whirls in my head.All the roads of the political triangle Syracuse, Priolo, Augusta lead to the IAS, with the approval of Palermo.
To those who ask me why I, a man, insist so much on the gender balance of the council of Italy, I give two answers. The first: for party discipline. The request for a greater presence of women in the municipal council of Syracuse is contained in a political-programmatic document approved unanimously by the bodies of the city Democratic Party. In it there is, among other things, written that it is necessary to “re-establish respect for gender balance in the composition of the municipal council as sanctioned by law 56/14 and by the municipal statute.”
The second answer is this: gender equality between men and women is a general political question, an indispensable principle, which must involve women and men.
I hope that the mayor of Italy will increase the number of women in the council from at least two to three. It would be an important sign of sensitivity, as well as respect for the law and the municipal statute. But also an acknowledgment of the request, I hope non-negotiable, of a party, the Democratic Party, which is fundamental for the future of the center left.
It is good to remember what this law says: “In the councils of municipalities with a population of more than 3000 inhabitants, neither sex can be represented to an extent less than 40 percent.” If the law is not enough to apply the principle of gender balance, should we invoke, like the miller from Potsdam, a judge from Berlin?
To those who ask me how to explain the silence of the companions and friends of the Democratic Party on this principle I do not know what to answer. I’d be surprised if they were watching, like Cronin’s stars. ”

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