Syracuse. Former Province. 2.7 million for workers’ wages

“THEn implementation of Article 2 of Regional Law 8 of 9 May 2017, of which I was the rapporteur, which governs the disbursement of regional contributions in favor of the free Municipal Consortia and Metropolitan Cities intended to guarantee the functioning of the same Bodies and in particular, Paragraph 3 of the aforementioned article 2, which states that “pending the allocation of the current part assignments referred to in the previous paragraph 1, in order to deal with any emergency situations, upon justified request” the Regional Department for the Local Autonomies and the Public Administration can authorize the disbursement of a deposit of 30% corresponding to the transfer of the previous year », Vincenzo Vinciullo communicates.

“Against the norm invoked, the Free Municipal Consortium of Syracuse, on 8 March, represented its lack of liquidity and the fact that the workers did not receive their salary, thus asking for the application of the Regional Law 8/2017 , since it is a workers’ right to have the sums recognized, as this is precisely what the norm I wanted as rapporteur provides.

“Having said this, the General Manager of the Local Autonomies Department has published the decree with which he commits and pays the sum of 2,707,984.46 euros in favor of the former Province of Syracuse with which the thirteenth 2020 may be paid and wages of workers.

“It is clear that, concluded Vinciullo, it is absolutely not a favor but only a right recognized by a 2017 law that is slow to be applied every year as rights are now confused with favors”.

06 April 2021 | 11:32

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