Syracuse. Drug. Guardia di Finanza ‘hunts’ trafficker. Seizure 76 doses of cocaine and marijuana

No.In the network of financiers of the Provincial Command of Syracuse a drug trafficker was captured. Keep it going incessant the activity aimed at the prevention and repression of trafficking in narcotic substances in the main places of youth aggregation of the municipality of Arezzo.

The operations were carried out by Yellow Flames of the local Company during the normal economic control services of the territory arranged by Provincial Commander of Syracuse.

During the activity a Syracusan citizen, LM, aged 21, is was surprised in Piazza Euripide while he was selling several doses of narcotic substance to a buyer of Italian nationality.

The Financiers, after intercepted promptly the transfer of the drug, they carried out a local and personal search, finding and seizing another dose of narcotic substance for a total quantity of about 7 gr. of marijuana.

The subject was referred to the local Public Prosecutor’s Office for drug dealing while the buyer was administratively reported to the Prefecture of Syracuse.

The further attention of the military has focused, during the checks on compliance with the rules for the containment of the health emergency, in the area Note like “parking houses“. THE “Green berets”, noting the presence of several guys in front of the entrance to a building, they checked and referred a young man to the Judicial Authority involved in a drug dealing activity.

Careful reconnaissance of the surrounding area has allowed to find 76 doses of cocaine cleverly concealed by unknown within a fire box located in the stairwell of the building adjacent to the control place.

The men of the Yellow Flames are currently sifting through every clue in their possession, to try to locate the supply channels gods pusher.

The results of the service are strictly connected to the capillary control activity of the territory carried out daily by the Fiamme Gialle of Syracuse, aimed at guaranteeing greater safety and respect for legality.

February 26, 2021 | 05:28

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