Syracuse, delays in the supply of reagents: this week they arrive from Holland

Slowly swabs all over Sicily for a few days. The reason is the same as about a year ago: the reagents are missing. The Asp8 of Syracuse, while waiting for the Sicilian Region to resume supplies, has taken steps independently to purchase the supply of the material urgently. Expected arrival, from Holland, around mid-week.

Due to the handover from one management to another for the procurement of diagnostic kits distributed to the Region by the SARS Cov2 emergency commission, there was in fact a suspension in the dispatch of stocks.

“It is unheard of for a province like that of Syracuse – states the regional deputy of Forza Italia, Daniela Ternullo – we still have to talk about the lack of reagents for swab analyzes. It is a serious and unfortunate fact, for which urgent measures must be taken. It is not enough to remedy that since last March 31 the swabs are sent both to Catania and Palermo, because in this way the times expand, making it impossible to release the result within the canonical 48 hours provided for by law. This exposes citizens to considerable risks because they are left in a sort of sanitary limbo due to uncertainties. I think of those who are more exposed, such as employees of supermarkets or other businesses in direct contact with the public. Not knowing if and when to go into isolation, they compromise the work organization and amplify the risks to collective health. I intend to go through with this unpleasant story ”.

In reality, however, the problem is not only Syracusan but, as mentioned, regional. And indeed the health company – as far as we know – would have bought the reagents. In the meantime, however, it is sending the swabs made in the Palermo and Catania laboratories to be processed and processed with response times of less than 36 hours, as required by ministerial regulations.

No disservice and no alarm thanks to the replacement actions, but it is up to the Region to put a patch in the pending time that supplies are restored in order to ensure management autonomy to health companies, at least from the point of view of controls.

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