Syracuse. Cycle path, the seasons pass but the danger of stray dogs … still exists! –

It has been talked about for some time but, evidently, no one has moved a finger yet and so … the problem remains topical.

We refer to the presence of stray dogs along some sections of the “Rossana Maiorca” cycle path in Syracuse, who persevere in their disturbing action towards cyclists and runners.

In truth it would be something that goes well beyond the simple disturbance, because that herd, which is becoming more and more nourished, chases and attacks anyone who passes by what, by now, has elected its territory.

They return to the story once again Vincenzo Vinciullo, Fabio Alota, Mauro Basile is Salvatore Castagnino which point the index against Vermexio Palace, because “despite the assurances and the commitments undertaken” – they write – “the phenomenon, that is the aggression against defenseless citizens, does not seem to have an end, indeed it increases day by day”.

A problem that is certainly not difficult to solve and does not require large economic investments, because only a little good will would be enough. The fear is that, if you continue to underestimate him, sooner or later, someone will risk being attacked even in a violent way.

(photo: siracusa2000 archive)

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