Syracuse. Construction, after years of detention Provincial supplementary contract renewed for over 5 thousand workers

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The provincial contract, which will concern over 5,500 workers, was renewed after a year of negotiations: it started on 1 August last and will be valid for three years.
This was announced by the secretaries of Fillea Cgil, Filca Cisl and Feneal Uil at the end of this morning’s meeting in Confindustria.

“We recorded substantial economic differences compared to the past – say the secretaries Salvo Carnevale, Nunzio Turrisi and Saveria Corallo – such as the increase of € 52.80 per month on the substitute canteen allowance, for which from January 1, 2023 there may be a further adjustment .
In addition, the variable element of remuneration, which oscillates between 33 and 67 euros gross per month, will also apply for one year.
In addition, the transport allowance will have an average incremental value of 11 euros, so overall the increases will vary between 96 and 131 euros.
All provincial assistance will be increased by 10 percent and a one-off birth bonus of 200 euros will be introduced, reserved for the children of construction workers in the province.
We believe we have closed a contract with a significant economic impact that will be added to the increases obtained after the closure of the national contract closed last March 2022 by the national federations ”.

This is the note of Ance with the president Massimo Riili: “After many years of detention, the supplementary contract was no longer postponable.
We have tried to contain the costs borne by our companies as much as possible, taking into account the high cost of living which certainly puts our workers in difficulty, which constitute our most important and absolutely indispensable asset.
We cannot fail to take into account that the satisfaction of our employees is the first element to improve the entire performance of the company’s machine.

The new contract, however, manages to balance a large portion of the increases granted to the benefit of workers by exploiting the positive aspects of the double-sided system of the reed.
Virtuous companies and in good standing with payments to the construction fund and with safety regulations will have a significant relief in the return of part of the contributions paid to the construction fund.
We can only be satisfied with the relaunch of the construction sector on which we will monitor so that the current obstacles that have slowed down the super bonus mechanism are immediately removed to ensure the resumption of temporarily suspended construction sites and the opening of others “.

05 August 2022 | 05:56

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