Syracuse. Cemetery, fire in the third gate averted the fiberglass niches

Un fire broke out this morning, enveloping the tall brushwood to cover the surrounding wall of the third gate of the cemetery, the external side of a gully, where hundreds of fiberglass niches insist along the perimeter wall. An invention of the town of Syracuse in the 80-90s to give a worthy burial to our fellow citizens without concrete niches.

The tongues of fire have created serious danger to an announced tragedy, which occurs punctually every year due to the lack of weeding maintenance. The same case arose last year. We do not want to be the bird of ill omen, a saying goes: “so much goes the cat to the lard that leaves us a paw”.

Imposing brambles that grow out of all proportion with the rainwater covering the external part facing the such niches.

A tragedy touched the third gate cemetery, miraculously hundreds of fiberglass niches did not go up in flames. Think in a few minutes it would have turned into a fire of enormous proportions, burial niches following. A shocking fact for the Syracusan families who have buried their loved ones who would suddenly find themselves a pile of ash and incalculable damage for the chief town, guilty of not having carried out the maintenance. An unspeakable cemetery unworthy for the Syracusans exhausted in denouncing the atrocities and continuous collapses.

02 July 2021 | 05:24

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