Syracuse. Bad surprise, the “visitors” are back with their trolley at the Robinson park in via Algeri –

Still vandals in action inside the Robinson park in via Algeri, in Syracuse. The bad surprise this morning. To carry it out, staff of the kindergarten which is located right inside the park. Taking advantage of the days of celebration, unknown persons “visited” the area raiding things of little value – scrap metal and electricity cables – but unfortunately causing a series of damage not just. For incomprehensible reasons, some of the children’s games in the park have also been vandalized. Removed the intercom from the gate and several electric plates. A trolley from a nearby supermarket left in the park with some “pieces” removed inside, also says a lot about how the bad guys moved inside. The exact damages are still being quantified.
Shortly before the start of the school year, a similar episode. Then, Lucia Azzolina – at the time minister of public education – took a personal interest in the case, calling the head teacher and making the necessary sums available for repairs and getting the school to reopen regularly.
In November of last year, just to discourage vandals, the Municipality of Syracuse had decided to give the parents of 50 small residents of the area as many keys to open the padlock with which the park is closed. An initiative that unfortunately does not seem to have had an impact.
In recent weeks, the park had been “occupied” by pigs that have been running around for some time in via Algeri.

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