Syracuse, “Baccanti. A theatrical puzzle”: meeting with Guido Paduano

The Inda 2021 scene

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Syracuse, "Bacchantes.  A theatrical puzzle": meeting with Guido Paduano

The online appointment on Thursday 29 April at 5 pm

The appointment with La Scena Inda 2021 is back, the series of meetings with Italian and international scholars organized by the Inda Foundation and by the editorial board of the magazine Dioniso.
The project, curated by Professor Caterina Mordeglia of the University of Trento, involves students and professors from Italian universities and high schools, and is aimed at all lovers of theater and classical drama in particular. The meetings scheduled for Thursday at 5 pm are broadcast in live streaming on the Facebook page of the Inda Foundation, and available later on the Inda YouTube channel and on the website
Thursday 29 April, Baccanti. A theatrical puzzle is the theme which Professor Guido Paduano, of the University of Pisa, director of the magazine Dioniso, will deal with. Introducing will be Francesco Morosi of the University of Pisa.
Baccanti is one of the most emblematic plays of ancient theater. Euripides’ text presents many of the salient characteristics that we usually attribute to Greek tragedy: the invasive ambiguity with which the divinity takes possession of men, guilt and revenge, the cruelty of the god and the impotence of the mortal. But Baccanti is also one of the most enigmatic and open to conflict dramas. Guido Paduano and Francesco Morosi will illustrate for our audience some of the most evident contradictions of Euripides’ drama: the human and animal aspect, male and female, and the contrast between reason and emotions, and between idyll and massacre.

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