Syracuse, at the Insolera Institute award ceremony for the “Short of legality” project

The president of the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission, Claudio Fava, will attend the closing ceremony of the project “A short school for legality – The unknown victims of the mafia” at the Insolera Institute in Syracuse on Friday 30 April at 10 am. The initiative is part of the Pon of the current school year and was created to “promote the competent and responsible growth of pupils in local schools, through the creation of effective defense and awareness tools for the problem of legality. as a fight against discomfort, marginalization, mafias, corruption, as phenomena present in society and in schools, to be fought and eliminated ”. The mayor, Francesco Italia, the councilors for school policies, Pier Paolo Coppa and Legality, Fabio Granata, the highest civil and military authorities, and the representatives of the institutes that participated in the project will be present. The 4 short films chosen by the “Siracusa è Giustizia” foundation, partner of the project, will be screened out of the 14 participants. At the end the prizes will be awarded, three of which will go to higher institutes, and the last to one of the five participating comprehensive institutes.

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