Syracuse and its province, maximum alert has been triggered for the risk of fires and heat waves – La Gazzetta Augustana

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AUGUSTA – Level maximum from alert due to the risk of fires and heat waves in central and south-eastern Sicily, including the province of Syracuse.
The regional department of Civil protection for the day of Friday 24 June.

The temperature peak of 37 degrees, around 1 pm, according to the Air Force Meteorological Service.
To Augusta the peak would be a couple of degrees lower.

L’heat wave between Siracusano and Catanese is of level 3the highest, which indicates the possibility of a real “heat wave (risky weather conditions that persist for three or more consecutive days) “, Inviting the authorities in charge to” adopt preventive interventions for the population at risk “.

In particular for the fire riskwith a level of “Attention“And danger”high“(Respectively the highest levels), the regional civil protection recommends to the mayors to” activate the procedures provided for in the municipal emergency plan for the risk of interface fires for the declared levels “.

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