Syracuse. After the seizure of 27 cell phones in prison, retaliation and violence against agents 3 attacks in three days

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Only a few days ago we gave the news of the discovery in the Syracuse prison of 27 cell phones, an operation carried out thanks to the significant investigative work of the Penitentiary Police, but unfortunately at the Syracuse Prison there are attacks on staff: in three days 3 assaults, one of which by an inmate of Italian origin who had 2 telephones and another attack by the same inmate who last week was responsible for the same fact.

To give the news is a note from the S.PP.
– Penitentiary Police Union – signed by the general secretary Aldo Di Giacomo.

The situation in the Cavadonna institute is nothing short of explosive, it is not possible to understand why the DAP does not take positions with strong interventions, starting with the extraordinary assignment of personnel and adequate measures.
The recovery prognosis for the 2 attacked colleagues is 5 days while the climate of tension grows and with it the “agent hunt”.

The motivation for everything, in addition to the revenge for the seizure of the telephones, is the conviction of enjoying impunity because, as happens not only in Syracuse, the times for judicial intervention are long and in too many cases the prisoners believe they have nothing to lose.

The S.PP.
reiterates that the Syracuse prison is seriously suffering from human resources, but, despite this, the staff of the Penitentiary Police always succeeds with great sacrifice and a sense of the state to make up for the lack of inertia on the part of the DAP.

June 24, 2022 | 12:21

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