Syracuse. A complex activity of the Traffic Police concluded

S.i a complex activity of the Traffic Police aimed at monitoring vehicles in transit along the Syracuse-Catania motorway section has recently been completed, with particular attention paid to drivers of heavy vehicles and to contrast the most dangerous driving behaviors.

The operational activity of the Traffic Police patrols was mainly aimed at verifying compliance with the driving and rest times of heavy vehicle drivers, with the dual objective of raising road safety levels and stemming unfair competition between companies in the sector.

To achieve the objectives, technological tools were used to read the control devices installed on commercial vehicles.

During the operation, the Stradale, supported by judicial police units, also opposed unprofessional driving behaviors, very often the cause of road accidents.

Reported a driver, in collaboration with the employer, for “attack on transport safety and removal of precautions against accidents “ for having altered the Digital Tachograph (black box) installed on board the vehicle he drove, by affixing a double sensor and a magnetic switch. In detail, by overcoming the driving times, the driver, by remotely activating the double circuit, was able to alter the recording of driving times. In this way, the driver of the heavy vehicle could drive well beyond the nine hours per day allowed and exceed the same speed limits, with serious danger for his own conditions and for road safety. Both the driver and the holder of the vehicle were fined fines for an amount of over 2,000 euros, the suspension of the driving license, as well as the 10 points deduction from the professional driving title.

Another driver also fined for having altered calibration of the tachograph device, in order to determine a significant decrease in the parameters related to the speed of the heavy vehicle, an expedient used to reach higher speeds without incurring the penalties of the law. Also in this case the driving license was withdrawn to be suspended, 10 points were deducted and 1,732.00 euros was the administrative sanction imposed.

The device allowed the 10 patrols lined up in the field to check 91 vehicles, identify 98 people and dispute 106 offenses to the highway code. Among the most recurrent infringements those relating to failure to comply with driving and rest times (16), to the failure to use the seat belt (65), mobile phone use (11), to the lack of revision (5), to the speeding of heavy vehicles (4) and other infractions (31).


The tachograph is obligatory for heavy vehicles and buses circulating within the member countries of the European Union. This obligation derives directly from Community legislation and has the aim of checking and recording a whole series of data relating to driving activities, so that the safety of the worker and that of road users is ensured.

On vehicles registered, then, for the first time in Europe after 1.5.2006, the tachograph for verifying compliance with the social legislation on driving and rest of drivers is digital. The instrument has its own memory that records every activity carried out on board the vehicle (driving, rest, speeding, insertion of tachograph cards and other technical data) whose data are kept for at least 365 days.


The alteration of the tachograph has consequences penalties ed administrative both for the worker and for the company on which the driver depends. The criminal code, in fact, punishes with imprisonment from six months to five years, whoever takes responsibility for the “Removal or willful omission of precautions against accidents at work”. The highway code also sanctions the driver and the owner of the road transport company with fines ranging from 814 to 3,260 euros, in addition to suspension of the driving license up to 3 months and the deduction of 10 points. Finally, the police officer who ascertained the tampering, beware the driver and the owner of the company to regularize the device within 10 days with the warning that, in the event of non-compliance, the administrative detention of the vehicle itself.

23 February 2021 | 09:16