synergy between the University of Palermo and the Nebrodi companies

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“Living Lab”, an English term to identify a laboratory of life, created to revive the agro-food sector, in depressed territories.
It is an ambitious goal that it sets itself the University of Palermo together with some municipalities of the nebroid hinterland: to bring together institutions and companies of excellence, in order to restart the territory on a solid basis, pointing the index to the knowledge factor.
The project is financed with European funds.
Fifteen university professors are part of the working group, active since last November.
The scientific director is the professor Nicola Francescawhile the relationships between the university and the companies are managed by Manuela Raimondi Lazarevic ‘.

The University works in partnership with companies specialized in helping companies such as Euris and Italia Camp, which in addition to suggesting innovative business growth techniques, also provide support for the training of start-ups and for the training of company personnel.
and theOpan (Nebrodi breeders product organization), a reality that has been rooted in the area for years, of which he is president Giuseppe Frusteri.
About ten municipalities have joined the project, leading the way Sant’Agata Militellobut the operational headquarters has been identified a Galati Mamertino.
A series of thematic days are planned, dedicated to local gastronomy, we mention for example black pork salami, beers, sweets with almonds and hazelnuts and honey, the latter protagonist of one of the first events at the end of May.

Galati Mamertino is well known for some honey producing companies that have obtained the Slow food presidium, such as Emanumiele and Cirrito, but also the Casaleni natural Bio of the entrepreneur Placido Salamonebased in Castel di Tusa, which made known one of its flagships: themeada drink produced with ancient methods, precisely from the fermentation of honey.

“Ours is an innovative research topic at the service of companies – explained Nicola Francesca – and we are happy that it has been received and contracted significantly by municipalities located in a beautiful area, but depressed as the internal area of ​​the mountains is considered.
I am sure that the synergy that has been created with local authorities and businesses will lead to considerable results ”.

“In addition to entrepreneurs, high school and unemployed students can participate in the technical transformation courses for businesses, scheduled for the next few months.
In October, a day dedicated to beer is already planned, and here we will take care of some aspects to improve the product, for example we will teach companies and students, through careful research, how to improve its perfume.
A project that concretely looks to the future – he says Placido Salamone -.
As an entrepreneur, I believe it is essential that certain resources be invested in research and experimentation.
A specialized work that companies cannot carry out alone but necessarily with the support of universities.
The production of mead is certainly one of the issues to be explored due to the enormous potential that this product expresses, to the point of including it in the archeology to taste program that I am actively conducting with public bodies and private investors “.

The Living Lab is a real service to companies aimed at raising know-how. In addition to following the various project phases, the university teachers will also follow the trainees in the training phases, so as to make companies with high potential, but born in an undeveloped territory, into real life laboratories.

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