Syndicate: Lorenzo Geraci reconfirmed general secretary of CISL Fp Palermo

Palermo, 1 Dec. Lorenzo Geraci, 61 years, was re-elected general secretary of the CISL Fp Palermo Trapani. Geraci, administrative assistant of the Arnas Civico hospital in Palermo, is one of the historical figures of the public service of the CISL of Palermo and Trapani, with a very long history of trade union militancy which began in the years’ 90. The reconfirmation took place today at the end of the provincial category congress, held at the Hotel La Torre in Palermo in full compliance with anti-contagion regulations. In addition to the delegates, the general secretary of the CISL Palermo Trapani, Leonardo La Piana, the general secretary of the CISL Fp Sicily, Paolo Montera and the general secretary of the CISL FP, Maurizio Petriccioli, took part in live streaming. We arrive at this “fundamental moment of representative and participatory democracy”, as the general secretary Geraci defined it, after an articulated path started in the 224 congresses, with the involvement of over 8500 workers who elected the top management of the company structures. The Federation has more than 10 thousand members between Palermo and Trapani, in the Asp, in hospitals, in public and private health structures, in Central Functions, in the Third Sector, in the Region Sicilian and in local authorities. “We are present – comments Lorenzo Geraci – in many heterogeneous realities, from some small ones with a member to others with more than 2 thousand. This testifies that our work and our commitment are recognized in the workplace “. The general secretary of the Public Administration of the CISL in Palermo and Trapani remarked that the choice was to put “people and work” at the center. “Every member, every delegate, every worker knows that within our Federation he is a union leader – adds Geraci – and above all that we always tell the truth, we don’t tell fairy tales to have a few more cards. We do not promise dream books and we are not afraid to face difficult disputes in solitude, such as the one in the Municipality of Palermo, where we have supported and maintained our position at the cost of remaining isolated and becoming the target of criticism and gossip. In light of the current judicial investigation and the current state of the municipal coffers, we can say with certainty that we were right “.