Swiss tourist found at the Scala dei Turchi: a hypothesis of violence?


There are still many questions that must inevitably be answered about the mysterious disappearance, with the discovery after a few hours, of a Swiss tourist on holiday in Agrigento. The news of a mysterious disappearance had begun to circulate already in the late morning of today following a signaling forwarded to police and military of the weapon from a friend.

The soldiers of the weapon found the female in the early afternoon near the Scala dei Turchi. To look for it also the agents of the Volanti guided by the leader Francesco Sammartino. She was scared and confused. After the first medical care of the case, the female will answer questions from the soldiers of the Argrigento Operation Core weapon, led by captain Luca Armao.

It is feared – but this circumstance will have to be carefully examined – that at the basis of the fact there may be sexual violence. This and other questions …

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