Swab center transferred

Editorial team 04 September 2021 10:34

He had been one of the first principals in the fight against Covid in Agrigento, now due to the continuous raids of vandals and various rascals – we read today in the newspaper La Sicilia – the point for carrying out the tampons set up in the piazzale del Chaos has been transferred. Anyone who needs or intends to undergo the rapid test to ascertain the possible infection of the virus will have to go to the former San Giovanni di Dio hospital, in via Giovanni XXIII, from 9 to 13. For a few days the gazebos placed a few meters from the house birthplace of Luigi Pirandello are desolately unused and even more at the mercy of atmospheric agents, but above all of the miserable who in recent months have repeatedly taken aim at this health point of reference. Beyond the “contrasting” proximity to the renowned tourist and cultural location and the kilometric queues that were created due to the massive influx of people, especially in certain time slots and in some periods of the pandemic, the area was perfect from the point of logistic view. Waiting in the car to undergo the test without leaving the cockpit and waiting for the result of the swab without further stress was a situation that was appreciated by everyone, but unfortunately canceled due to some rascal. Going to the former hospital to carry out a swab will make everything much more complex, starting with the increase in vehicular traffic in the city center which certainly did not feel the need, especially in view of the resumption of various work and school activities in the next days. So all that remains is to wait for the day when the unused gazebos in the center of the square adjacent to Pirandello’s museum house will be removed. House museum among other things that continues to remain incredibly closed months and months after the completion of the restoration work of the same. The square therefore returns to its limbo, without the two main “attractions” that have coexisted in recent months, in the midst of a pandemic that seems to never end. The hope is that the birthplace of the Nobel Prize-winning playwright will reopen to the public as soon as possible, for the tampons instead we will have to move to the city center, obviously including non-Agrigento.

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