Sustainable Olive Oil from Belìce Valley yields Farmers’ Club

The Farmers Club of Belìce was presented at the Asaro farm in Marinella di Selinunte, aimed at promoting sustainable farming practices and creating common guidelines for olive cultivation and marketing. The initiative, led by Tommaso Asaro, aims to support the farmers of the Belìce Valley and create a better future for them. Asaro’s family has been exporting olive oil and olives to America for over 100 years, particularly promoting the native Nocellara cultivar. The company has recently collaborated with Starbucks, offering “Oleato” beverages that combine Arabica coffee with extra virgin olive oil from Partanna. The Farmers Club aims to enhance the value of Nocellara cultivation and promote shared methodologies for social development. Meetings have been held with farmers and agronomists from major olive-producing towns in Trapani. Regional assessors have expressed support for the initiative, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and infrastructure improvements in the region.

Olio e olive da colture sostenibili, nasce il club degli agricoltori della Valle del Belìce

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