Suspended Mysteries ”, the winners of the initiative awarded

It ended on Saturday morning, with the award ceremony took place at the Town Hall in Piazza della Loggia, the initiative “Erice: The suspended Mysteries”, organized by the Sciascia and Bufalino Institute with the involvement of the Municipality of Erice. This initiative was aimed at the fifth grades of schools in the province of Trapani in order to keep the threshold of attention on the traditional high Procession of the Mysteries, also this year “suspended” due to the pandemic emergency.

The winner of the graphic-pictorial competition was the elaborate created by Ariel Maria Mazzara of the 5th class of the IC Giuseppe Mazzini. The second work of the students of class 5C of ICG Pagoto and the third work of Gaia Donato of class 5A of IC Dante Alighieri were also awarded. The winners were awarded a plaque from the Municipality of Erice, an Easter lamb donated by the Maria Grammatico pastry shop, and texts donated by the Reale Natale publishing agency.

For the fourth grades who joined the out-of-competition event, the work created by Gabriele Maltese of the 4D class of the IC Giuseppe Mazzini reached more like. According to the paper made by Cristian Culcasi of the 4D class of the ICG Mazzini and third that made by Alice Filippone of the 4D of the ICG Mazzini: all received a participation prize.

In addition to the winners, an applause goes to the boys of the 4B of the Sciascia and Bufalino Institute of Erice, to the Director Andrea Badalamenti and, above all, to the councilor Prof. Angela La Porta – underline the mayor Daniela Toscano and thecouncilor Rossella Cosentino -, who have promoted the enhancement of one of the cultural assets that most characterizes our village, that is our Mysteries, unfortunately suspended again this year due to the pandemic. Everyone has made an active contribution to the construction and dissemination of the memory of our traditions, thus leaving a testimony for the future, but also a strong message of hope in a period marked by difficulties and criticalities.“.

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