Suspected murderer of cardiologist arrested, weapon seized

(ANSA) – FAVARA, NOVEMBER 29 – The alleged murderer of cardiologist Gaetano Alaimo, murdered in his doctor’s office, has been arrested. It is Adriano Vetro, 47 years old, from Favara in the province of Agrigento. The man was tracked down by the carabinieri of the local tenenza and by those of the investigative nucleus of the provincial command of Agrigento in his home where he had returned after the crime. In the military house of the Arma they found and confiscated the gun used for the crime. The caliber has not yet been ascertained, nor whether or not she was legally detained.

According to an initial reconstruction, the doctor, well known in Favara, was murdered in the waiting room of the outpatient clinic in via Bassanesi, in front of the eyes of the patients on duty and the secretaries of the facility also used as a cardiological rehabilitation centre. The two would have had an argument. The acting chief prosecutor of Agrigento Salvatore Vella has just arrived on the spot and, together with the carabinieri, is hearing some witnesses. .