Surveillance Service to Combat Abandoned Waste in Messina Starting September 1st

Starting from September 1st, a experimental service for the installation and management of environmental video surveillance against waste abandonment in Messina will be implemented. The project, which will run until December 31st, was presented by Mayor Federico Basile and the Assessor for Environmental Policies and Relations with MessinaServizi Bene Comune, Francesco Caminiti. The project aims to combat specific areas of illegal dumping by using 60 cameras in 140 locations. Additionally, there are plans for the deployment of 1000 cameras as part of the ME@GIS project, the return of environmental inspectors, and specific environmental education programs in schools. The objective of this experimental initiative is to create a more efficient service to address waste abandonment issues in the city. These activities will join ongoing efforts to tackle pollution, sanitary issues, and increased costs caused by waste abandonment.

Rifiuti abbandonati a Messina, dall’1 settembre parte il servizio di videosorveglianza

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