Surprised with 17 doses of marijuana in his bag and over a kilo at home: arrested

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 10:13

Share Detention for the purpose of drug dealing: with this accusation the police arrested a 46-year-old with a precedent (his initials VA). It happened yesterday morning in Partinico. In action the agents of the local police station who, during the regular patrol service of the territory, subjected the 46-year-old to control. “The man, walking in the city center, at the sight of the police car, awkwardly tried to disguise a state of tension – the police said – increasing his pace to avoid a possible control. This attitude made the policemen suspicious, who they reached him and stopped him; during the investigation, the man seemed nervous, so much so that the officers suspected that he had something to hide. The search he was subjected to made it possible to find, hidden inside three packages of cigarettes, in a shoulder bag, a total of 7 doses of marijuana (weighing a total of 17 grams), packed in cellophane sachets “. The search was extended to the 46-year-old’s home and gave a positive result: inside the closet the policemen found over a kilo of marijuana inside four transparent plastic containers. Also found a precision slingbar, a scissors and other material used for packaging. Everything was seized. The man was then taken to the Pagliarelli.

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