Surprised to steal in an apartment, arrested in Sciacca


In the dark of night he had sneaked into an apartment, but was surprised by the landlord and attempting a daring escape from the window, was immediately intercepted by the carabinieri who arrested him. It happened in Sciacca, between Sunday and Monday. A 42-year-old Romanian ends up in handcuffs.

The thief was caught by the home owner while rummaging through the bedroom. The 42-year-old, once discovered, fled. The victim immediately reported the theft to 112.

The precise description of the fugitive allowed the military to identify the Romanian. Inside the house of the latter, occupied illegally, the stolen property just found was found. And they also found other objects, such as audio and video equipment, gold bracelets, on which the carabinieri are investigating to ascertain their provenance.

The criminal has been locked up in the Sciacca prison, where he will remain available to the judicial authorities.

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