"Surprised to peddle for the second time while under house arrest," 32-year-old ends up in prison


Surprised to peddle, for the second time, while under house arrest. The prosecutor Alessandra Russo, this time, while waiting for the validation hearing, already set for Monday morning in front of the investigating judge Stefano Zammuto, sends him to prison for charges of evasion and detention for drug dealing.

The thirty-two year old Gianluca Infantino, who had to stay in his home in the historic center for two previous legal proceedings (surveillance, theft, threats and more drugs), was stopped yesterday morning by the carabinieri, twenty meters away from home, for street, where he had hidden drugs. Infantino, in particular, would have hidden two packets of hashish – one of 92 grams and the other of 102 – under some abandoned mattresses.

On 10 July it had already been discovered by the policemen of the mobile squad, notified by an anonymous phone call, with five doses of hashish, of one gram each, concealed at home along with a precision sling. For this matter he is already on trial but the judge had left him under house arrest. Now the second arrest four months after the previous one. Infantino has appointed lawyer Calogero Lo Giudice as the defender.

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