Surprised cocaine dealer near an acese gym

Editorial team 04 September 2021 15:20

Around 7 pm yesterday, the agents of the Acireale police station arrested CM, a 20-year-old clean record, responsible for the crime of detention for the purpose of drug dealing. The young man, aboard a scooter, entered and exited several times from a private access road to a gym in via Lazzaretto, without a justified reason. Suspicious of this attitude, they started a decent observation activity that went on throughout the afternoon. At this juncture, the policemen realized that the boy was standing next to a wall located about 20 meters from the entrance to the structure and was fumbling with a glass jar hidden inside a hole, and then moving away at speed. sustained. When he returned to action, the policemen “hooked” him with a patrol that came to help and stationed in the area to prevent the suspect from escaping. Taken back to the place he had just left, he was subjected to a personal search which was also extended to the hiding place inside the wall. Here the agents found a glass container with numerous wraps, commonly called “pippotti”, containing cocaine for a total gross weight of about 17 grams. The drug was seized, while the arrested was taken to the police offices for the formalities. At the disposal of the prosecutor on duty, he was taken to his home under house arrest, pending the very direct rite.

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