Support for smaller islands: Musumeci calls mayors


Identify an integrated plan of interventions for the support and socio-economic development of the smaller islands. It is the goal of a special working day, organized by the governor Nello Musumeci, which will take place next Monday at the headquarters of the regional presidency, at Palazzo Orleans. The mayors of the municipalities of Ustica, in the province of Palermo, were invited to the meeting; Lipari, Santa Maria Salina, Malfa and Leni in the Messina area; Pantelleria and Favignana in the province of Trapani; Lampedusa and Linosa in the Agrigento area.

The meeting – which will also be attended by the assessors and general managers of the regional departments – is aimed at verifying the initiatives already started and those to be planned in the various areas of intervention: port infrastructures, school construction, internal mobility and accessibility 'external, water supply, sewerage, environmental and cultural assets, civil protection plans, health services, tourist accommodation facilities.

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