Support and socio-economic development, the Municipality of Lampedusa convened in the Region


Identify an integrated plan of interventions for the support and socio-economic development of the smaller islands. It is the goal of a special working day, organized by the governor Nello Musumeci which will be held, on Monday, at the headquarters of the regional presidency: at Palazzo Orleans. The mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa was also invited to the meeting: Totò Martello.

The meeting – which will also be attended by the councilors and general managers of the regional departments – is aimed at verifying the initiatives already started and those to be planned in the various areas of intervention: port infrastructure, school construction, internal mobility and external accessibility, procurement water, sewerage, environmental and cultural assets, civil protection plans, health services, tourist accommodation facilities.

"Since the inauguration, my government – underlines Musumeci – has paid great attention to the problems of the smaller islands. On several occasions, we have intervened financially with the aim of enhancing them, but above all to make them more comfortable for those who live there twelve months a year and not only in summer. I myself, in these first months of my mandate, have already personally visited most of these realities and realized that living there every day is not easy if essential infrastructures and services are lacking. That is why we have the duty to intervene with an organic plan that serves, finally, to give the citizens of the minor Islands the same opportunities as those who live in the center of Palermo, Catania, Messina or other cities. The meeting organized at the Orleans palace serves precisely this purpose: to listen to the interested parties about their needs and plan the interventions, with certain resources and times. I am convinced that very little is needed to reverse the trend ".

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