Super-crowded disco in Palermo, the commissioner suspends the license


State police denounced the owners of a nightclub in Viale Lazio and a pub in Via Trapani in Palermo. In the first case, the agents found 520 customers participating in an evening of dancing. A large number since the limit set by the license is 150. The quaestor has suspended the license. Also in the pub in via Trapani a dancing evening was underway, without the owner having the license for this type of event. In addition to the complaint, the qestore issued an order to terminate the abusive activity and a dispute report with a fine of 250 euros was raised. To this was added a fine of 400 euros because the room was also without a breathalyzer and the alcohol tables were not positioned correctly. Further investigations are underway on the position of the employees found working at the financial year.

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