Sunday Acr Messina – Marsala is played, a transfer forbidden for guest fans


Transfer prohibited, next Sunday, for fans of Marsala Calcio in Messina. The provision, signed by the prefect vicar of Messina, was notified to the mayor of Marsala, Alberto Di Girolamo, and to the president of Marsala Calcio. And it is consequent to the disorders and the violence that, last Sunday, they are registered outside the stadium of Marsala shortly before the game with the Acireale. Here, in fact, it seems to take revenge for a previous aggression, a group of Marsalese fans threw stones against the Acesi ones, also striking a policeman. Following this violence, a few days ago, the Marsala police arrested two ultras of Marsala, Davide Zizzo, aged 24, and Alessio Ampola, aged 18, denouncing two others (one of whom was a minor). After the arrest was confirmed, Zizzo and Ampola were released, but with the obligation of signing for days a week in the police station. The order of the vice prefect vicar of …

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