Summer between Messina and Rome …, by the Messinese musical group Glorius4 composed of: Agnese Carrubba, Federica D’Andrea, Cecilia Foti and Mariachiara Millimaggi

Agnese Carrubba, Federica D’Andrea, Cecilia Foti and Mariachiara Millimaggi very ready for the illustrious summer commitments that will lead them between Messina and Rome to accompany the performances of great artists such as Maurizio Lastrico, Mario Venuti and Neri per Caso. At the end of the season, also the expected release of the video clip of an unreleased song composed by Tony Canto. In this summer, which marks a new and hopefully definitive recovery for the world of entertainment, Glorius4 are about to tread the stage alongside prestigious artists.

The unusual female ensemble, which manages with great versatility to range from jazz to pop with the meticulous care of vocal sounds and arrangements, will accompany three important shows between Messina and Rome. The vocal group composed by Agnese Carrubba (voice, piano, percussion) Federica D’Andrea (voice), Cecilia Foti (voice) and Mariachiara Millimaggi (voice, piano, percussion) will begin by taking part in Maurizio Lastrico’s show who on Friday 9 July will recite his famous “Dante’s hendecasyllables” at the Casa Del Jazz in Rome for “The concerts in the park”. Mixing high and low tones, “In the middle of the casino of our life” tells with irony of daily accidents, of the impending misfortune and of the chaos that disturbs the rare moments of tranquility in life. The sparkling female vocal quartet will accompany Lastrico on this amusing journey into today’s “Comedy”, and will offer the public a personal musical reinterpretation of Dante’s three circles in a pop key. We then aim for late July when Glorius4 is expected to participate in the Mario Venuti concert at the Villa Dante Arena in Messina.

The Messina vocal quartet will perform on the stage of the Villa sharing a surprise song with the Italian artist who has also chosen them as guests in his upcoming album.. On 3 August Glorius4 will act as supporter group for Neri per Caso in the concert organized at the Arena Villa Dante by the Messina Philharmonic Academy. The most famous a cappella group on the Italian scene, which after the ’95 victory at the Sanremo Festival jumped to the top of the charts and sold almost 700 million records, returns to the city of the Strait with an engaging and exciting show entitled ” From the Beatles to our days ”which will be opened by the four Messina voices. On the program, not only the pieces that brought Neri per Caso to success but also important pieces of national and international music without neglecting well-known Beatles pieces to which they paid homage in their latest album “We love the Beatles”.

Glorius4 will close their summer 2021 on August 29 in concert at Le Ciminiere for Catania Jazz. The vocal Group is also working on the launch of an unreleased track and the related video clip. The song “Vento del Sud” – written by Tony Canto, former artistic producer for Glorius4 of the Play album and now co-producer with Dany Noel – expresses all the irony that increasingly distinguishes the music and the interpretative personality of the quartet. The engaging melody, guided by Tony Canto’s guitars, is enriched by Cuban percussion played by Dani Morales and by Dany Noel’s bass, both exponents of the international music scene. The video will be signed by the recognized Sicilian talent of photography Charley Fazio with his technical team. With Christian Bisceglia, executive producer, the costumes by Francesca Cannavò, and the choreography by Saverio Loria. The mixing of the video clip will be handled by Alfonso Peña in one of the most important studios in Madrid. Music and images for a positive message that will greet summer 2021 by leading the beauties of the city of Messina to the world.

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