Summer 2022, good bathing waters on the coast of the province of Syracuse

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The 2022 bathing season, confirming the good quality of the bathing waters of the coast of the province of Syracuse, officially began on May 1st and will continue until October 31st.

In collaboration with the medical prevention department, as every year the public health laboratory of the ASP of Syracuse directed by Maria Beatrice Pellegrino, has developed the calendar for the monitoring of all the bathing areas, as well as a monthly program for the execution and the transport of sea water samples throughout the bathing season which involves the prevention technicians of the Health Authority.

In April, preliminary samples were carried out to verify the quality of sea water in the areas where bathing is allowed and the results of the analyzes carried out by the public health laboratory of the ASP of Syracuse, verified the bathing ability of the coast of the province.
of Syracuse in the authorized areas.

Until October, the laboratory will be engaged in the monthly check of the suitability of the water for bathing; the results of this monitoring will be visible in real time on the “bathing water portal” of the Ministry of Health and can be consulted by all citizens through the website for the entire duration of the bathing season.
Access to the ministerial portal allows you to obtain real-time information on the quality of bathing water in the province of Syracuse and throughout the national territory.

During the monitoring period, the finding of anomalous data for one or more bathing points will determine the start of a series of supplementary samplings to verify the persistence of the phenomenon and possibly eliminate the causes that produced the polluting event.

Only in the event that the second sample also has values ​​exceeding the permitted limits, the area will be temporarily forbidden for bathing, pending the restoration of bathing conditions.

Tables are also attached to the council’s decree on the bathing season which describe, for each province, the areas off-limits to bathing and the reasons for their prohibition.
In particular, the sea and coastal areas affected by immissions of any kind, such as discharges and waterways, port and military areas, as well as those areas where a prescription by the maritime and port authorities is in force for safety reasons, remain prohibited.

Furthermore, some stretches of sea and coast that fall into protected areas remain unavailable to bathers, such as zone A of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area and in the RNO Wildlife Oasis of Vendicari, the stretch of coast between Torre Vendicari and Cittadella, for reasons dictated by the need to protect its environmental integrity.

Finally, the council decree describes in attachment 7 / F, all the stretches of sea and coast used for bathing, with the extension of the areas and the relative coordinates.
The Municipalities have the task of affixing the “Prohibition of Bathing” signs in a visible way and for better dissemination, the information must be reported in two different languages.
Municipalities can enter the bathing prohibition ordinances and revocations online, in order to have complete information in real time.

To access the water portal just type the site indicated above, enter the bathing water section of the portal, click on the region, then on the province and then on the desired municipality to be able to view, through the graphics using the orthophotos of Google Maps, the area bathing area of ​​interest and access all information relating to the quality of bathing water, including the results of the most recent analyzes.

The water portal app for mobile devices is also available, through which citizens can easily locate the bathing areas on a navigable map and consult all the information regarding bathing facilities, updated in real time.

By connecting to the water portal site or its app, the citizen can actively interact by sending reports, to which the competent authorities will respond by implementing measures to protect and improve the coast of the province of Syracuse and safeguard the health of citizens and their families.

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