Suicide of 13-year-old: Schifani, this tragedy must make people reflect

The tragedy of the thirteen-year-old student in Palermo who took his own life should make us reflect more on what the Region can and must do to prevent and counteract the phenomena of bullying and cyberbullying. The President of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, expressed his personal and the entire government’s sincere sympathy to the family of the boy, the school staff, teachers, and students. The Region has implemented a specific Consultation with the aim of collecting information on bullying and implementing initiatives in collaboration with all the public entities involved. The goal is to protect and support the most vulnerable individuals and promote the educational, social, and psychological growth of minors. The Region has also supported the pilot project of the Regional School Office to develop actions to combat the phenomenon. This includes setting up a system to receive and monitor reports from schools or citizens, with results to be presented soon. Additionally, the strategic plan to combat educational poverty includes creating specific school counseling and prevention services.

Tredicenne suicida: Schifani, questa tragedia deve fare riflettere

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