suffered a confiscation of 100 million

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A long process.
The accusation of external competition does not hold up on appeal


PALERMO – Acquitted.
The Court of Appeal exonerates Giuseppe Ferdico from the accusation of external concurrence in a mafia association.
The new trial was held after the Supreme Court had canceled and postponed the sentence of the “king of detergents” to 9 years and 4 months.
Or rather, former king since his assets have been confiscated.

A long process

After three requests for dismissal, a forced indictment, an acquittal at first instance, a conviction on appeal and an annulment with postponement, the defense line of lawyers Roberto Tricoli, Luigi Miceli and Vincenzo Maiello passes.

The lawyer Roberto TricoliThe lawyer Luigi Miceli

“The fact does not exist”, wrote the judge for the preliminary hearing Riccardo Ricciardi in 2014.
The prosecutor had invoked the sentence after three times the same Prosecutor had asked for the dismissal, claiming there were no elements to send him to judgement.

Dizzying entrepreneurial climb

His dizzying entrepreneurial climb had aroused suspicion.
The entire accounting system from 2000 to 2010 had been described as “heavily vitiated by irregularities, anomalies, falsehoods that make it very reasonable to believe in the existence of parallel accounting”.
Hence the acquittal which in the first instance had not prevented Ferdico from confiscating the entrepreneur’s assets.

The pizzini of Provenzano and Lo Piccolo

After the first requests for filing, the statements of the collaborators of justice changed the scenario.
They reported that the brothers Stefano and Angelo Fontana had used Ferdico’s assets to clean up 400 million lire.

The entrepreneur’s name also appeared in some pizzini seized from Bernardo Provenzano and Salvatore Lo Piccolo.
Reference was made to hiring and payments.
Ferdico has always defined himself as a victim, forced to pay the protection money, even in the form of hires, to avoid trouble.

The investigators focused on the relationship between Ferdico and Angelo Galatolo.
During a search of the house of the Acquasanta mafia in 2010, documents were found.

Notes describing Ferdico’s turnover in 2009 and fifteen invoices for 200 million that the entrepreneur had paid to Shoppers & Paper in 2003 and 2004.
It was the Galatolo company that sold plastic bags and wrapping paper.

The tale of the repentant

In November 2011 Francesco Onorato, once affiliated with the mafia family of Partanna Mondello, reconstructed the relations of Benedetto Marciante, mafioso di Resuttana, with the Galatolo and Madonia clans.
He said that “Marciante had made the greatest fortunes through the industrial transformation of the lye from which he obtained the detergent that he then marketed using fake well-known brands”.

“The money of the Madonia and the Galatolos”

And again that “the money of the Madonias and Galatolos was invested in this activity”.
For marketing, Marciante would have made use of various entrepreneurs, “among whom I remember a certain Ferdico”.
Onorato added that he had learned that behind the activities of Ferdico’s father there was the money of the mafia members of Santa Maria del Gesù.

The last collaborator to be questioned was Marco Favaloro, once a trusted man of the Galatolos and Madonias.
The repentant Angelo Fontana and Francesco Onorato had no doubts about him: “He has close relations with Ferdico”.

After the acquittal in the first instance, the Public Prosecutor appealed.
At the request of the Deputy Attorney General Umberto De Giglio the heavy sentence came, annulled by the supreme judges.
Today the acquittal decided by the college chaired by Antonio Napoli.

In the meantime, Ferdico’s assets have passed to the state forever after the definitive confiscation.
A list of assets worth 100 million euros.
The accusations were not enough to convict the entrepreneur, but they were considered valid in the prevention process.
Ferdico’s climb was prompted by the help of the Cosa Nostra.

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