Sub Tutela Dei, world premiere at the Bellini Catania CATANIA

CATANIA, 07 MAY The lyric drama ‘Sub Tutela Dei’, the motto with which the magistrate killed by the mafia used to close his diary entries. The work, on the initiative of the artistic director Fabrizio Maria Carminati, focuses on the figure of the magistrate. The music is by the Etnean composer Matteo Musumeci, the libretto by Vincenzo Vitale. In the vocal cast in the role of the first judge the mezzo-soprano Anastasia Boldyreva and in that of the judge Livatino the tenor Ivan Ayon Rivas, while the baritone Franco Vassallo acts as the first accused and the soprano Francesca Dotto as the second accused. The narrator will be Massimo Popolizio.
The Massimo Bellini Theater Orchestra will be directed by Gianluigi Dettori.
The opera will be performed in the form of an oratorio, a prudential choice due to the health emergency which, in Sicily in the orange zone, does not even allow the presence of the public. The premiere on May 9 will be picked up by Classica HD which will produce a special that will air on June 2 in prime time. “If ‘doing justice is prayer’, as Judge Livatino said Salvo Pogliese in the dual role of mayor of Catania and president of the Bellini Theater, then the exceptional liturgy that our temple of music celebrates with this extraordinary work is a solemn prayer secular dedicated to a man of faith and justice.
A ritual that is also able to combine, in the eyes of the world, the history of this prestigious cultural institution with that ‘credible’ being that ‘the boy judge’ indicated as the main road of seriousness and truth. This is why I feel I have to thank the great community of the Massimo Bellini Theater “. (ANSA).