Stulac: “An indescribable emotion from fans’ jubilation and teammates’ embrace”

Yesterday, Stulac officially began his adventure with Palermo, scoring a goal and receiving the embrace of his teammates and virtual applause from the fans. He is ecstatic, knowing that the difficulties of the past months are finally behind him and that his contribution to the team can help them achieve great success. This match marks his return from a long injury in the previous season, where he only played eleven games. Stulac is happy to have scored and contributed to the victory, emphasizing the unity of the team. He now has the motivation to improve his condition during the two-week training camp. Against Feralpisalò, Stulac’s freedom in setting up plays proved crucial in the team’s offensive actions. Despite being marked by Sibilli in the previous match against Bari, he was able to showcase his skills this time. Stulac’s battle with Gomes for the starting position will continue in the next match against Ascoli. However, Corini now knows he has an experienced and determined player in Stulac. While there is still room for improvement in his connection with his midfield teammates, his contribution in both defense and offense was excellent, making it difficult for the opponents to contain him. Stulac also eagerly awaits a call from the Slovenian national team, as he hasn’t played for them since the end of 2021.
Photo credit: Tullio Puglia

Stulac: «Dall’esultanza dei tifosi e dall’abbraccio dei compagni un’emozione indescrivibile»

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