Students of the De Felice-Olivetti Institute between emotion and creativity

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In collaboration between the De Felice-Olivetti high school and QdS for the “Risorgimento Sicilia” ethics campaign

Pure emotion was felt by the students, teachers and the director of the De Felice-Olivetti in Catania, Anna De Francesco, during the visit of “The rooms in bloom”, a garden located in via Pietro dell’Ova 181 in Catania.

The “educational and training revolution” which the De Felice-Olivetti Institute is pursuing with the introduction of new addresses and with the activation of green curves and environmental awareness projects, it ended, for the school year 2021/2022, on June 4 with the participation in the guided tour of the emotional garden.

The sensory journey it stretched along all the “rooms” of the park that surround the neoclassical villa of 1889, built by the Paternò family.
The garden was designed and built by the current owner, Dr.
Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo
who, with engaging explanations, led his guests through the numerous plant rooms, linked by suggestive personal stories.
Inside the emotional garden the pupils were able to admire the different environments, characterized by the four natural elements: air, water, earth and fire.

It goes like this from the darkness of the dense vegetation tunnelin the light that caresses various textures of colored plants and flowers, to water, transported by terracotta twills that cross the entire company and with which the microclimate necessary for the development of the many species of Mediterranean, tropical and exotic plants is recreated.
Along the way, the garden’s therapeutic properties of relaxation but also of power, energy, rebirth and positive emotions are praised.

This visit is in line with the De Felice-Olivetti mission: the virtuous relationship with the environment, a reality that students experience every day thanks to the location of the historic school building in Piazza Roma and in front of the Bellini Garden, the city’s green lung.

By virtue of the new green curves, students are learning how crucial it is to move from the linear to the circular economy of recyclingas demonstrated by the projects implemented during the school year, in the name of bio-sustainability – ethical week, creation of the urban garden – concluded with the day of creativity, celebrated in the Institute on May 31, in the presence of students and teachers from from other schools.

During this day, the students’ sensitivity to environmental issues was amply demonstrated with the setting up of a laboratory and the creation of a poster-canvas for joining the green network.

After two years of the pandemic, the students were able to face new challenges in the presence and confront a different reality, which leads to reflect on the repercussions that the choices of each have on others and on the environment and which requires new planning for the construction of a more ethical and “sustainable” society.

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