Students discovering wind energy in Palermo and Trapani provinces

Explanation: Over 90 students from three Sicilian schools visited the Sorgenia wind power plants as part of the national educational campaign Generation Carbon, a guide to climate change. The initiative, promoted by the association Generation Carbon in collaboration with Sorgenia, aims to raise awareness among young people on climate and renewable energy issues. During classroom lessons and visits to the wind power plants, students learned about carbon, fossil fuels, greenhouse effect, and the impact on the climate, enhancing their awareness of environmental challenges and ways to combat climate change. Schools from Marineo, Campofelice di Fitalia, and Mazara del Vallo participated in the visits. The Renewable Asset Director of Sorgenia, Valeriano Giusti, commented on the importance of educating youth on environmental challenges, while Generation Carbon President Barbara Orsi highlighted the value of hands-on experiences for children to understand the possibilities of a better future.

Gli studenti alla scoperta dell’energia eolica nelle province di Palermo e Trapani

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