Student of the Carducci of San Cataldo awarded at the Literary Competition of poetry and fiction S. Quasimodo

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Pietro Giannavola, pupil of class 1D of the “G.
Carducci “of San Cataldo, was awarded the second prize of the prestigious national literary competition of poetry and fiction” Salvatore Quasimodo “, now in its sixteenth edition in the” Poetry for children “section of the secondary school of first and second degree.
chaired by Alessandro Quasimodo (son of the Nobel Prize Salvatore Quasimodo), it was made up of six other experts, nominated by the Salvatore Quasimodo Cultural Association and selected from among exponents of the world of culture, information and school teaching.

The pupil Pietro Giannavola, who was followed in the elaboration of the text of the poem – “La Libertà” – by Prof.
Loredana Raimondi, withdrew the recognition together with his family, participating in the award ceremony which took place on June 19 2022 at the Barzana Auditorium Theater, near Bergamo.
Pietro collected the award directly from the hands of Alessandro Quasimodo who declaimed his poetry.

The Headmaster, prof.
Salvatore Parenti, is pleased to share the prestigious recognition that is added to the numerous others achieved during the school year.
The attention of the “G.
Carducci ”for the promotion of reading, the interest in culture and poetry, has already given very important results.

Freedom is like a butterfly that flies and dances in the sky.
The butterfly has freedom that someone else does not have.

Freedom cannot be denied to everyone, it must be granted.

Freedom travels in thoughts crossing roads and paths.

Freedom is playing his name you can scream freedom is to love …
and respect for others.

Freedom has the colors of a red, yellow and orange kite.
Free flies in the sky as light as a veil.

Freedom is like a seagull that glides slowly over the sea.

Freedom is a spring swallow that flies away in the evening.

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