Student from Solarino hit and killed in Catania: two suspects under investigation, autopsy ordered

Two people are being investigated for the death of Chiara Adorno, a university student from Solarino who was hit by a Honda scooter and then by a Fiat Punto on the ring road of Catania. The Catania Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation to determine the responsibilities for the death of the eighteen-year-old. An autopsy has been ordered on the girl’s body, which should be carried out by Friday, November 10. Only after the examination will the body be returned to the family for the funeral. The incident occurred near the university campus, where the young girl was studying. The entire community of Solarino is grieving for Chiara, who everyone knew. The mayor of Solarino, Giuseppe Germano, expressed his sorrow on social media.

La studentessa di Solarino investita e uccisa a Catania: due indagati, disposta l’autopsia

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