Stromboli, the lava flow slows down but excursions remain prohibited for now

In Stromboli the lava flow has decreased. This was announced by the Ingv of Catania. In recent weeks, the activity has been characterized precisely by this phenomenon “the casting comes and goes…”. Encouraging sign as argued by the volcanologist Maurizio Ripepe “it is better that the creteri do not sleep…”.

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Etna Observatory, from the analysis of the images of the surveillance cameras, noted that “the supply of the lava flow has progressively decreased and at the moment the flow is cooling”. “The Strombolian and spattering activity continues in the northern and central-southern crater area with explosions mainly represented by fine material (ash).

The average amplitude of the volcanic tremor has returned to average values, remaining at this level in the last few hours. The data from the deformation monitoring networks on the island did not show significant variations”.

In view of New Year’s Eve it seems unlikely that volcanologists and the Civil Protection could propose to the mayor Riccardo Gullo to authorize the climb to the crater up to a safe altitude of 400 meters above sea level. Consequently, the mountain can be reached up to 290 meters, even without volcanological guides. It is to be believed that some foreign tourists who landed on the island also for the splendid sunny days that continue, will venture up the mountain to greet the arrival of the new year with the “barrels” of the crater and even bottles of champagne.

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