Stromboli, the lava flow has resumed. Vulcan is forbidden to climb the crater

In Stromboli the lava flow has resumed and in the nearby island of Vulcano the ordinance has been extended by Mayor Riccardo Gullo which prohibits climbing the crater for another three months.
The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Etna Observatory, has ascertained that starting from 21.15 yesterday evening from the surveillance cameras “we observe a lava overflow from the northern crater area. The phenomenon is still ongoing. In the last 24 hours the average amplitude of the volcanic tremor has not shown significant variations remaining within the range of the average values. The GNSS monitoring network does not currently show significant variations”.
In Vulcano, Mayor Riccardo Gullo has extended the ordinance that prohibits hikers from climbing the crater of the Aeolian island until next March 31, 2023 due to risks that remain due to volcanic activity. The mayor himself requested a convening of the committee which also includes the Civil Protection, Ingv and the Presidency of the Region to evaluate new decisions, in the light of the continuous requests from the citizens, with tour operators in the lead, who in the last summer season they complained of a 30% drop in tourist attendance.
In particular, the creation of an alternative path to climb the 400 meters of the mountain in safety and the reopening of the thermal lake which for three years has been seized by the public prosecutor of Barcelona for building offences.
In the bulletin of the Ingv of Catania it is reported that “Along the summit edge of the volcano, the temperature values ​​always remain stable at high values. The weekly reference value for the maximum emission temperature was 370 °C.; the CO2 flow in the crater area remains at high values ​​and the SO2 flow is at a moderately medium-high level”.
Recently, the presidency of the national government also extended the emergency for another six months for the island of Vulcano, allocating over three million euros for the needs of volcanologists and the Civil Protection for the safety of the community.

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