Stromboli: Lorella Cuccarini at 450 meters above sea level, witnessing one of the most beautiful sunsets. And the show has just begun…

Lorella Cuccarini, a television presenter, shares on social media about her four-hour hike to 450 meters above sea level to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets ever, in the Aeolian Islands. Meanwhile, DJ and producer Giuseppe Fonti, a native of Lipari, visits a restaurant with his colleague Antonino Angemi. As the August holiday approaches, the islands are preparing for a busy period, with crowded ferries and difficulty finding available spots without reservations. The photo shows Cuccarini taking a selfie at Stromboli and DJ Fonti and Angemi with the restaurant’s director.

Stromboli, Lorella Cuccarini a quota 450 metri: «Uno dei tramonti più belli. E lo spettacolo è appena iniziato…»

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