Strengthening the hospitals of Canicattì and Licata, the Health Commission of the Ars approves the deed of address

The “San Giacomo d’Altopasso” hospitals in Licata and “Barone Lombardo” in Canicattì are strengthened. To unanimously approve the act of address was the Health Commission of the Ars. This is a document that commits the regional government to guarantee the strengthening of the two hospitals. The news was announced by the president and vice president of the Health Commission of Ars Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo and Carmelo Pullara.

In particular, the regional health department must, by giving the relevant addresses to the Asp of Agrigento, adopt all suitable measures, the resolution reads, “to guarantee full coverage of organic plants through the speedy execution of the bankruptcy procedures to indefinite period for vacant posts; provide, pending the execution of the higher insolvency procedures, the adoption of an effective departmental shift, establishing, however, that the payment of additional services does not take place in the event of non-compliance with service orders; guarantee the necessary welfare coverage, in compliance with the provisions in force, also providing for and authorizing the payment of incentive mechanisms; guarantee the full operation of the plaster and cast room and the implementation of the project ‘Il parto con la Sorriso’ in the Licata garrison; accelerate the processes of defining and implementing agreements with other hospitals in order to support the assistance activities of the superior principals; to guarantee the strengthening of the Breast Unit of the Canicattì presidium “. The address deed bears the signature of the deputies Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo, Carmelo Pullara, Francesco Cappello, Giuseppe Arancio, Giorgio Pasqua, Salvatore Siragusa.