Strengthening of the ports of Augusta and Catania to make Sicily central

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The strengthening of the ports of Augusta and Catania is seen as a way to put Sicily again at the center of movements and trade in the Mediterranean: the comment of Nello Musumeci.

“The empowerment of ports of Augusta and Catania, which are part of a single system, will allow Sicily to apply as a natural logistical base for goods transiting the Mediterranean and offer new extraordinary employment opportunities.
We offer the utmost cooperation to the Port Authority of eastern Sicily, as far as we are concerned “.

This was stated by the president of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, this morning at the delivery of the works for the new container terminal of the port of Augusta.
This is a work that has been expected for years, a project that provides for a total amount of approximately 175 million euros.

Work to upgrade the ports of Augusta and Catania

The governor was greeted by Francesco Di Sarcina, president of the Port System Authority of the eastern Sicilian sea, which in addition to the port of Augusta also includes the port of Etna.
Also present were the undersecretary for infrastructures Giancarlo Cancelleri, the mayors of Augusta, Giuseppe Di Mare, and of Melilli, Giuseppe Carta, civil and military authorities.

Those present also made known the publication of the tender for the re-flowering works of the mantle of the breakwater of the port of Catania, for an investment of approximately 75 million euros.

“Over the last forty years the state has never bothered to equip Sicily with large port infrastructures, essential to give the island a central role in Mediterranean traffic.
Up to now our Region has been condemned to remain on the periphery of Europe, forgetting that before us there is a sea full of opportunities that is no longer a frontier, but a hinge ”.
This is the comment of the president of the Sicilian Region.

“It is absurd that the ships come from Suez passage to then head towards Northern Europe, when here we could welcome the merchant ships, unload the goods, work them in the rear ports and then send them to their destination.
This is the goal we all look to and the regional government is ready to do its part alongside the port authorities and state institutions, which have the competence on major maritime works ”, concludes Musumeci.

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