Strasbourg condemns Italy for inhumane treatment of 3 migrants in Lampedusa

The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Italy for the living conditions and detention of three Tunisian migrants in the Lampedusa hotspot between 2017 and 2019. In three separate judgments, the court states that the migrants were subjected to “inhuman and degrading treatment” due to the living conditions in the hotspot. It asserts that they were “arbitrarily deprived of their liberty” because they were held in the hotspot “without clear and accessible legal basis and in the absence of a reasoned decision ordering their detention”. The court highlights that the three migrants were kept in the hotspot for periods ranging from 17 days to over two months, despite overcrowding, poor hygiene conditions, and a lack of beds. One of them remained even after a fire broke out. The court has ruled that Italy must pay each migrant, whose identities are not revealed, 5,000 euros for “non-pecuniary damages” and another 4,000 euros for legal costs.

Strasburgo condanna l’Italia per il trattamento disumano di 3 migranti a Lampedusa

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