Strait of Messina, July 29 is the decisive date

It is a beautiful word, which comes from the Latin: pons, pontis. The pontiff, before becoming synonymous with Pope, was the one who built bridges, pontis-facere, on the Tiber and in the rest of the world. For the ancient Romans the bridges were, together with the arenas, streets and aqueducts, necessary works such as bread and compote.

“Artifact of wood, iron, masonry or reinforced concrete that serves to ensure the continuity of the road or railway body when crossing a watercourse, an arm of the sea, or a deep depression in the ground”, it can be read in the Treccani encyclopedia. “What is needed to ensure continuity …”, in all places on the planet, except that in the Strait of Messina.

July 29 is an important date, because the Minister of Transport Enrico Giovannini will go to Parliament and before the joint committees of the Chamber and Senate will not only report on the outcome of the work of the group of experts set up by former minister Paola De Micheli (the report is now well known and all parliamentarians know it) but will have to say a once and for all what does the Government want to do, not being able to take into account that the vast majority of deputies and supporters who support Prime Minister Draghi are in favor of stable connection between Sicily and Calabria.

We will have to get out of the equivocation, once and for all, because the future of our territories depends on this choice, like it or not, and we cannot remain in the balance, suspended on Nothing, waiting for Godot or the enemies in the Tartar Desert , which never arrive.

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