Stormy seas continue to shake the houses in Lipari, Porto delle Genti

A terrifying storm hit the village of Lipari in Porto delle Genti, causing continued shaking of the houses awaiting reinforcement works. Concerns are also raised about the delay of the beach restoration works. The community is eager for the restoration to commence before further damage is done. The city mayor has assured that works will soon begin, contracted to be carried out by the Chiofalo costruzioni. The restoration aims to not only protect the houses but also to reconstitute a safe and spacious beach area. It will involve two natural rock reefs and a reinforced rock wall, using volcanic sand. The restoration works also carry special significance to the locals, as the patron saint, San Bartolomeo, is celebrated several times a year for protecting the islands from various natural disasters.

Lipari, a Porto delle Genti le mareggiate continuano a fare tremare le villette

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