Storm on Frah Quintale: “He behaved like Gianna Nannini, but she apologized”

“What a pain to continue to witness the old, trite and retired expedient of wanting to look like ‘naughty children’, offending ‘the older ones’, by artists who fear that they are not worth enough to assert themselves with their art”. This was stated by Valter Mazzetti, general secretary of the FSP State Police, after a photomontage was posted on the Instagram profile of the singer Frah Quintale in which policemen on duty with pig faces appear.

«Yet the young Frah Quintale – adds Mazzetti – has not learned anything from those who, before him, have resorted to similar expedients, as ridiculous as useless and, indeed, even harmful. One for all the famous Gianna Nannini, who did exactly what he did, except to appear on video a few days later to apologize. Now Frah could continue to follow in the footsteps of the famous artist, apologizing too, because now the obsolete “appearance” of the fake revolutionary who takes it out on the cops is really unbearable, banal as well as superficial. Rather, safety is a very serious matter – underlines the FSP. The safety of Frah Quintale and all the other citizens is entrusted to the sacrifices of these always good people to be denigrated by criminals, or time wasters of every ream, or artists who want to look beautiful and damned ».

“Frah Quintale – concludes Mazzetti – should think a moment more about the responsibility one assumes in front of an audience, especially when it comes to young people, and reflect on what error it is to look for a newspaper headline with such a horrendous gesture against thousands of women and men who work honestly and represent the state of which he too is a part. Women and men who, Frah resigns himself, in the liking of the Italians come much before him ».

Frah Quintale, who performed on Sunday 28 August in a concert at the Villa Bellini in Catania, was severely attacked yesterday by another police union, Usip della Uil. “He has really exceeded all limits in his search for easy publicity,” said the union, adding that he had “presented a complaint, asking for any useful measure to sanction this obvious abuse of that freedom of expression of which we are supporters and guarantors”. «It is painful to come across clear messages of media violence – said the provincial secretary, Alessio Poidomani – and of blatant contempt for workers of the State Police who every day, even at the risk of their own safety, guarantee the safety of all. We are facing an irresponsible, undemocratic and hateful act, particularly serious because it targets so many young people. We are sure that on the basis of our statement this episode will find an adequate response from the competent institutions ».

And senator Renato Schifani, candidate for mayor of the center-right, also lashes out against the singer “It leaves a profound bewilderment – he declares – the image of the singer Frah Quintale, posted on his Instagram profile, with a photomontage in which policemen on duty appear with their faces covered by pig masks. My deepest feelings of solidarity go to the women and men in uniform who risk their lives every day to protect citizens, their daily work to guarantee the safety of the country – he underlines – is recognized by all Italians. Verbal or media violence spread via social media is not acceptable and institutions will respond to these small inconsistent fringes in search of advertising. Let us always remember – concludes Schifani – that all the police have paid with the sacrifice of their lives for their work in defense of the community in which we live ».

The general secretary of MP (Movement of democratic and reformist policemen), Antonino Alletto, says that “once again more or less well-known characters from the world of entertainment try to ridicule the men of the State Police, We express bewilderment at the outrageous parody photo prepared by the “singer” Frah Quintale on her Instagram profile. We believe that such an affront to the State Police cannot and should not go unnoticed and at least unpunished, in expressing our total disappointment we hope that the PS Authority of Catania which, after such shameless conduct of this pseudo artist, have granted the authorizations for the show held on August 28, in the Etna capital, at the Villa Bellini, have adopted the right measures. The city, already classified as the most insecure in Italy by a journalistic survey, did not really need another anti-hero with a desecrating example, from which the petty crime of Catania will draw new emulative lymph for the acts of hooliganism that have made it famous in Italy and abroad”. Mp hopes for “concrete and immediate responses, in the hope that the judicial authority will also be able to take action”.

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